🚀 AI Squared’s Top 10 Moments of 2023: A Year in Review 🚀

As we approach the end of a remarkable year, it’s time to reflect on the milestones and achievements that have shaped AI Squared’s journey…

🚀 AI Squared’s Top 10 Moments of 2023: A Year in Review 🚀

As we approach the end of a remarkable year, it’s time to reflect on the milestones and achievements that have shaped AI Squared’s journey in 2023. From groundbreaking innovations to strategic partnerships, this year has been a testament to our team’s dedication, our partners’ commitment, and the transformative power of AI. In keeping with the holiday season here are our Top 10 Highlights that mark our progress and set the stage for an even more exciting future!

✈️ Awarded a Phase II Contract by the US Air Force: AI Squared proudly received a $1.25 million Phase II SBIR contract from the U.S. Air Force/AFWERX. This contract underscores our commitment to enhancing AI integration in national defense, streamlining intelligence collection and decision-making processes. If you haven’t read it yet, check out our Veteran’s Day Q&A where our CEO Dr. Benjamin Harvey, Ph.D. sits down with our COO Alvin McClerkin to reflect on the special role that the armed forces played in AI Squared’s creation. You can also read more about the Phase II award here.

💼🤝 Closed a Deal with a Fortune 500 Financial Institution: Following a successful pilot, we were integrated into the engineering environment of a leading Fortune 500 financial institution, marking a significant milestone in our growth trajectory.

📺 CEO Ben Harvey Featured on CNBC: Ben shared insights on the AI boom and AI Squared’s unique positioning in the startup space on CNBC’s ‘Closing Bell Overtime.’ His discussion highlighted our strategic approach in the rapidly evolving AI industry. This was the first of what we hope to be many appearances as Ben’s expertise and point of view becomes increasingly sought after. You can check out the CNBC segment here.

👩‍💼 Hired CTO Michelle Bonat: We welcomed Michelle Bonat, former JPMorgan Chase AI CTO, as our new Chief Technology Officer. Under her leadership, immediately out of the gate we launched the ChatGPT Extension which captured the community’s imagination at the height of the chatbot frenzy. She also helped launch our first SaaS platform and our generative AI capabilities a few months later. We’re thrilled that she’s here to help accelerate our growth by leveraging her extensive experience in AI and technology. Read more here.

🚀 Launched Generative Capabilities at Finovate: At FinovateFall in New York City, we introduced our GenAI capabilities, marking a significant expansion of our AI platform. In front of an audience of thousands of financial services executives and decision-makers we showcased how financial services clients could use our platform and benefit from quicker speed to market, increased efficiency and built-in privacy and security. Check out our on-stage demo here.

🎤 Demo’ed at VB Transform: AI Squared made a strong impression at VB Transform, where our platform was chosen by the audience to advance to the final demo stage. This recognition reflects our platform’s potential and appeal in the tech community.

🩺🛒 Extended the Platform for Healthcare and CPG: We expanded our platform further by developing our first solutions in the healthcare and consumer packaged goods sectors, showcasing our platform’s versatility and potential for diverse applications across a wide range of industries. To learn more, schedule a consultation with us.

🏆 Rated Top 10 AI Startup by CRN: AI Squared was recognized again by CRN as a Top 10 AI Startup, showcasing our innovative low-code models that bypass traditional development cycles. Our integration of AI models with major commercial apps like Salesforce and Microsoft demonstrated our commitment to simplifying AI for businesses and earned us a spot on the list. We’re just getting started and hope to be on more Top 10 AI lists next year. Read more here.

🎓 Piloted AI Internship Program: We’re actively committed to training the next generation of tech talent. In partnership with a federal agency, we hosted an internship program, training 30 HBCU students in AI, new product development, and entrepreneurship. Read more here.

🌟 Sponsored Youth Activities: Giving back, especially to youth, is important to us. Our sponsorship of Partnership for Child Health programs in Jacksonville allowed us to impact nearly 400 youth in 2023. We were able to provide enriching experiences in technology, culture, sports and personal development. Read more here.

Looking ahead, as we reflect on these achievements, we’re excited for what the future holds. AI Squared is poised for even greater success, driven by innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to making AI accessible and impactful. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries with AI!